• The Scalp: The Source of Hair

    Just as a tree grows from its nourishing soil, so too, your hair grows from its source: the scalp. When you nourish the scalp, your hair transforms.

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    Plant-based hair serum
  • Healthy hair and scalp

    Your Hair Speaks Volumes

    When you connect with the source of your authentic self, you realize your power in so many ways. When you feel your best and look your best, you express the truest YOU.

  • Relief for the Scalp

    We’ve discovered special algae and developed the technology to create a healing scalp treatment that soothes itchy and flaky symptoms of scalp inflammation, restoring your scalp to promote healthy hair.

  • Hair transformation


    Root Renewal serum, our algae-based anti-aging treatment for the scalp, is a breakthrough discovery that restores and relieves inflamed scalps through a healthy and natural product free from harsh chemicals that could cause further damage.