About Us

We have created Mereltä to give you the hair you long for: healthy hair that makes your inner strength visible; hair that transforms you; hair that is uniquely and creatively you.

We are a US company. We formulate our product in Mass. We have a strong team of scientists and entrepreneurs who work with top dermatologists and hair dressers. We’ve discovered special microalgae, we’ve pioneered the science, we’ve developed the technology, and we’ve put it all together to create nourishing scalp treatments that reawaken and promote thicker hair. Our plant-based treatments restore the scalp’s health safely and gently.

  • You are a friend, a relative, a person we love, a talented colleague who is strong, powerful, and able to tackle anything. We see that your life is an adventure that keeps unfolding. You listen to your inner natural rhythms. You are in touch with nature. You take care of yourself. You give energy to your hair. A lot of energy.

    You know that your hair speaks volumes because mind, body, and hair are connected. When your hair is not as thick and vibrant as you would like, it does not reflect your authentic self. You spend a lot of time and energy adjusting, recalibrating how you feel inside with how the world sees you from the outside.

You long for hair that consistently expresses your inner vitality, whatever life changes you may go through. We want you to take back control of this part of your life. As you focus on what inspires you on your journey, take the time to renew. Reach out for our living scalp treatment to reawaken your hair to its natural,  youthful vibrancy.

Mereltä pure, plant-based scalp treatments promote vital and thicker hair from its source, from your scalp, helping you feel your authentic, powerful best.

Our Values

  • Transformation

    Our transformative plant-based treatments target your scalp to change thin, limp, and fragile hair into thicker hair with body and flow. The more you nourish and balance the scalp, the healthier and more voluminous your hair. You deserve to reflect on the outside the authenticity that you feel on the inside. That means having the vital hair you’ve always longed for.

  • Truth

    Mereltä’s truth is scientific, backed by data. Mereltä’s treatments nurture the scalp giving you vibrant and ageless hair. Your hair speaks volumes about your truth, about the emotions you feel, about your health, and about the image you project. We know that feeling great about yourself gives you vitality, energy, and joy.

  • Agile Intelligence

    Rather than just solving problems, agile intelligence goes to the source of problems to create healthy situations in which problems do not reoccur. Although every scalp is individual and different, our breakthrough treatments have the proven intelligence to nourish all scalps. We’ve tapped the intelligence of some of the oldest living organisms on Earth, a species of pure, special microalgae, to develop fast acting yet safe treatments that transform the scalp and offer vital and thicker hair.

  • Vitality

    Vitality is the confidence within you that seems to effortlessly push the limits of your potential, where ideas can soar and where those around you are emboldened to follow your footsteps. Our treatments help promote thicker and softer hair. The healthier and more vital your hair is, the more inspiring and powerful your presence becomes.

  • Self-Expression

    We want to give you the hair that makes you feel authentic, joyful, and self-expressive. We want you to be seen, appreciated, and valued for exactly who you are. Having your best hair, feeling great inside and out, may rekindle in you new possibilities and may renew your dreams. We want you to embrace and express your dreams, unapologetically.

  • Fierce Optimism

    Our team’s fierce optimism caused us to develop a breakthrough scientific discovery that transforms the hair from the inside out: from thin and limp to thicker, healthier, and more manageable. Our plant-based treatments improve your scalp and hair safely and gently. It’s our fierce optimism to prove to you that when you are in harmony inside and out, vitality reawakens and joie de vivre expands, causing everyone around you to feel fiercely optimistic too..