Get Beautiful Hair by Protecting Your Scalp this Summer

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Scalp care becomes even more important in the summer when the warm weather and the time spent outside put your scalp (and, by extension, your hair) at greater risk for damage. In this article, we’ll cover the most important scalp protection steps you should take this summer to see gorgeous and thicker hair.


Why Scalp Care In The Summer Is Important

Before we dive into our scalp care tips, let’s talk first about why scalp protection is important.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your scalp is made of skin, just like the rest of your body. And just like the skin on the rest of your body, the skin on your scalp needs protection and care. If you ignore your scalp, you risk damaging the hair follicles that grow from your scalp.

Just like a plant, hair needs a healthy environment to grow. If your scalp is too dry, you may experience side effects like flakes. If your scalp is clogged, inflamed or has a buildup of dead skin cells, you may experience shedding and even hair loss It’s important to take care of your scalp by keeping it clean, hydrated, and balanced.

In the summer, scalp care is even more pressing. The skin on your scalp can be damaged by the sun and heat. Your scalp is physically the closest part of your body to the sun. If you don’t take measures to protect your scalp, you can experience sunburns that may:

  • Cause pain and irritation
  • Cause flakes
  • Damage your hair, and your hair growth
  • Put you at greater risk for cancer and other diseases


Below, see a few tips that can help you keep your hair and skin safe and looking good.


Summer Scalp Care Tips


#1:  Improve Hair Routine With a Leave-In Scalp Treatment

A well-kept scalp lays a strong foundation for healthy hair growth.  The scalp’s condition plays a significant role in the hair’s growth and appearance. A healthy scalp can be the primary driver of hair volume, shininess, elasticity, and length.

Care for the scalp is just as important to vital, healthy, and shiny hair, as is flossing to healthy teeth, and vitamins to general health and vitality.

All over the world head spas are growing fast as means toward better hair. More and more people add scalp care to a routine that results in full-bodied hair. Here’s the not-so-secret formula to thick, and luscious hair:

shampoo + conditioner + leave-in scalp treatment= Strong and Thick hair

A good leave-in treatment is like the anti-aging cream you use in combination with your moisturizer.  Good cleansers and moisturizers are essential to keeping your skin healthy and firm. But it’s the anti-aging cream that gives your skin that youthful extra boost and dewy glow. A nurtured scalp with healthy strong hair follicles, grows beautiful hair that makes you look like yourself-- just ten years younger.

If you haven’t already, you should add in a leave-in scalp treatment as an essential part of your hair care routine. An example of plant-based, drug-free and safe leave-in scalp treatment is Root Renewal serum from Mereltä.

Mereltä Root Renewal serum supports the scalp with a unique complex of algae, encouraging thicker, healthier hair with more volume, improved texture and renewed softness.


#2: Wear Sunblock

If you’re spending time in the sun, you need to wear sunblock. But don’t cover your body in sunblock and skip your scalp! It’s just as important to protect your scalp and hair from the sun as it is to protect your legs, face, and arms.

Fortunately, there are many products that can help you keep your hair safe. We recommend shopping for a specialty hair and scalp sunscreen.

These products are specifically designed to protect your hair and your scalp from the sun. They are safe to use on your tresses and protect your scalp from the sun. Invest in a hair and scalp sunscreen to stay safe while enjoying the warm weather.


#3: Wear a Hat

We also recommend wearing a hat outdoors if you can, particularly if you’re going to spend extended time in the sun. There are tons of fun and functional hat designs that can keep you cool and safe, regardless of your summer activity.

Wearing a hat is good for your scalp, your hair, and your face. Hats will keep you safe from the sun’s rays and reduce the risk of sunburns or sun poisoning.

Wearing a hat can help protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays in the summer.


#4: Look for Shade

If you plan to spend all day outside, make sure you look for shade to rest and protect your scalp (and the rest of your skin). If you’re headed to the beach, bring an umbrella that you can relax under in between sessions in the water. If you’re having a picnic, look for a tree that can provide some welcome coolness. If you’re playing a sport, make sure there’s somewhere shaded nearby where you can cool off.


#5: Stay Hydrated

Hydration is even more important in the summer than it is the rest of the year. It’s easy to overheat in the summer, even from simple activities like walking or lying in the sun. Your body needs hydration to perform optimally. If you’re dehydrated, you may feel sick. You’ll also experience adverse side effects for your skin, including the skin on your scalp.

If you’re spending time outside, make sure you bring plenty of water to drink. If you plan on doing a strenuous activity, like hiking, running, biking, or another type of exercise, consider adding a supplement to your water to help make up for electrolytes that you may need to feel your best.


#6: Condition Your Hair

The extreme weather in the summer can negatively affect your scalp and the quality of your hair. Heat, humidity, and dryness can all cause the skin of your scalp to become irritated and inflamed. If you swim a lot, the chlorine in your pool or the salt from the ocean can also affect your scalp (and also your hair). You’ll need to practice daily protection and nurturing of scalp to avoid flakes, limp and thinning hair without luster.

You may need to use more conditioner than normal during the summer to protect your scalp. If you decide to improve your daily hair care formula and add a leave-in scalp treatment you will ensure protection of your scalp and hair. Using a scalp treatment like Mereltä can help prevent and reverse the stress caused to your scalp by the sun’s harsh UV rays.


Scalp Protection In the Summer For Healthy Hair Growth

As summer approaches, you may consider experimenting with a hair care formula (shampoo + conditioner+ leave-in scalp treatment) that gives you healthy, and silky hair.  It’s even more important to practice proper scalp care in the summer than it is during the rest of the year. Try Mereltä Root Renewal serum to help regenerate your hair.

In summary, start with a few small steps to keep your scalp safe and your hair healthy. You can enjoy both summer outings and thicker, shinier hair.


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