You Look Great In A Hat!

You Look Great In A Hat!

It’s May, the start of hat season for me here in New York. I know most of you probably look at that statement and think, huh? What is she talking about? If, like me, you live where winter is cold, you’re thinking “It’s May, time to stop wearing hats and finally enjoy the sunshine.” But that’s just it. Sunshine on a head with a little too much scalp showing is a recipe for disaster.

Many years ago, while on a winter vacation in a lovely, sunny place, I spent a happy day outside exploring with my family. We were thrilled to be out in shorts and tee shirts – no bulky jackets, gloves or hats. I wasn’t so thrilled when hours later my scalp began to sting as it turned a bright red.

Yes, we were wearing sunscreen on our faces, chests, arms and legs. I just never thought to put it on my head. Have you ever tried to wear sunscreen on you scalp? If you have thinning hair – and let’s face it, if you’re putting sunscreen on the top of your head, you are either bald or have thinning hair – the remaining hair looks greasy and sticks together. You wind up looking like you have even less hair. And that’s how I looked for the remainder of the vacation. Not pretty!

Thanks to Root Renewal serum, my hair is thicker now than it was then, but I still wear a hat every sunny day. I have many, but the one I wear most often was a gift from my husband. It was made just for me and has a high SPF rating and a wide brim. It shields not just the crown of my head but my face. The top of my head may no longer need the coverage, but my face and eyes are the better for all the years I’ve protected them from the sun. My friends tease me about my hat, but many of them admit that I have less wrinkles than they do.

Nourishing and balancing your scalp with Root Renewal serum is a necessity if you wish for rich and vital hair that looks gorgeous and protects your scalp. That way, hats are for pleasure and beauty, mainly.  I am sure you look great in a hat!

Contributor, Marti

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