Transforming life

Transforming life
Shawn is one of the many people using Mereltä Root Renewal serum to give life to their hair, to thicken it, to make it fuller and shinier. Because hair is not just hair, is it?  
For Shawn. his hair represents a vulnerable part of the self that the entire world sees.  And perhaps, the entire world judges. 
Shawn loves people and wants to be loved back for exactly who he is: someone who laughs easily; someone who makes others happy and someone who is thrilled to ride his bike and to be in nature.

He is someone who likes to celebrate life and to discover new places, a joyful free spirit who lives from the heart. 
As Shawn is transforming into who he truly knows himself to be-- fit and energized, making healthy choices, a person who inspires others to be their best-- the ritual of using Mereltä Root Renewal daily on his scalp catalyzes him to feel more like himself. He is taking charge. He has purpose.

His hair is thicker and fuller now, and this gives him a sense of victory as he reclaims this part of himself. He receives compliments wherever he goes, and in turn, he gives people the best gift of all: moments of authentic connection.

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