A Roadmap for Your Journey to Healthy, Head-Turning Hair

A Roadmap for Your Journey to Healthy, Head-Turning Hair

Mereltä Root Renewal Serum is a plant-based anti-aging treatment that transforms you. It reawakens the hair by nourishing the scalp, the source of hair, and by thickening the hair fibers. As we followed Root Renewal Serum users through their journey to vibrant, healthy hair, we noticed that they all experienced similar key progress stages. 

Get excited about hitting these landmarks when you begin your Mereltä Root Renewal journey. (Just don’t forget to take a “before” and several “after” photos so you can rejoice over the full results later!)

      1. Noticing Less Hair on Your Brush and Clothes

    Do you hate the sight of hair everywhere, in your brush, sink, in your bed, and on your clothes? Most Mereltä Root Renewal Serum users started out that way. The first thing they noticed after a few weeks of using Root Renewal Serum was fewer hairs on hairbrushes, in the shower and on clothes.

    “It used to be awkward to be a guest at a friend’s house because when I took a shower, I had to clean the drain three times before I finished washing my hair. Now, I am happy to visit friends, and I feel so much more confident,” said Diana, after using Mereltä Renewal serum for four months.

    Another user, Sherryl, told us: “My hairbrush has less shed hair in it. My hair is much thicker. I am so relieved."

    Look out for this first signal of progress for your hair. Once this happens for you, celebrate your progress and get ready for even better results.

          2. Hair Looks Thicker and Healthier 

    Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go your way? Where the sun’s shining, you catch only green lights and karma seems to have taken a liking to you for the day?

    Results from using Mereltä Root Renewal Serum give you that sort of great hair day where compliments of volume and shine roll in—and you practically glow.

    What’s happening behind the scenes? The serum works at the source of the hair, the scalp, making it healthy, flexible, and moisturized, thus providing the foundation for healthy, vibrant hair. Just like a plant grows from its healthy soil, so the hair grows from a healthy scalp.  Mereltä Root Renewal Serum’s special microalgae extract is making hair fibers thicker as well. This drives higher hair density, improved hair texture and more voluminous hair.

    Some Mereltä Root Renewal serum users noticed:

    “My hair is healthier, with more volume, softer and shinier. I love it”

    “Even my hairdresser noticed: my hair is more manageable, less dry and frizzy, with improved shape and stronger curls.”

    These results usually start to show within 20-25 days.

    Tip: When you take your “before” and “after” photos, for more accurate comparison, use the same light, angle of the face and hair, and the same spot in the house or bathroom to take all the photos.

          3. People Start Noticing Your Gorgeous Hair

    It feels good to get an unexpected compliment.

    Can you imagine friends and strangers suddenly noticing your thicker, fuller hair? “Gorgeous… I wonder how they do it?” “Looking great, sis!” “Let’s go get seen on the town, sweetheart. You’re looking amazing!”

    That’s how Mereltä Root Renewal serum users felt after trying the regimen for a few months. From close friends to strangers at the grocery store, people were bubbling over their shiny, lustrous locks.

    Even stylists notice the change. “This was noticed by my hair dresser who I’ve been going to for the past 12 years,” reported Mary. Danielle’s hair stylist pointed out less breakage and more volume during her last visit to the salon.

    What a rush!

          4. Try New Hair Styles (Your Ponytail Will Look Much Better)!

    At the 30-60-day mark, most users start to see beautiful volume and hair flow.

    As you get used to your thicker mane, play around with new ‘dos! You may find that your hair holds styling much better than it used to (and every style will look better when your hair is shiny, luscious and full).

          5. You’ll Feel More “You” than You Have in Years.

    Limp, thinning hair can increase stress. Many men and women don’t realize quite how much their hair affects their confidence until they’ve reclaimed their vibrant, brilliant glow by reawakening their hair.

    How do Mereltä Root Renewal Serum users describe the feeling?

    “It’s Like a miracle. I don’t ever want to be without Mereltä Root Renewal Serum. I can’t imagine my life without it” – Rosemary

    “It’s unlike anything else on the market. Seeing my results, my daughter and friends keep asking about it” – Richard

    “I am flabbergasted how great the results are. I was skeptical in the beginning, but this is really working for me. Nothing else did work for me.” – Diana

    Transforming your hair changes your life. Try Mereltä Root Renewal serum Today!

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