5 Empowering Benefits of Having Hair That Looks as Young as You Feel

5 Empowering Benefits of Having Hair That Looks as Young as You Feel

We see you.

On the inside, you radiate power and shimmer with beauty.

We know that when your hair doesn’t match your inner vitality, it can take a toll on your self-confidence and vital energy. Conversely, having your best hair, feeling great inside and out, may rekindle in you new possibilities and may renew your dreams. The healthier and more vital your hair is, the more inspiring and powerful your presence becomes.

At Mereltä, we have discovered a unique microalgae extract, an anti-aging scalp treatment that reawakens hair to its authentic and brilliant fullness, empowering you with the confidence you need to take on the world.

Read on to discover the top benefits of youthful, thicker hair that matches your inner strength and vitality.

      1. More Self-Confidence

      For many people, hair thinning has palpable effects on self-esteem.

      We believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You are embracing and accepting your uniqueness. That is why, it can be painful to deal with thinning hair that changes your appearance and your perception of the self. Thinning hair can signal to the world aging, sickness, or stress. Worse, it can make you feel less youthful, less powerful and less captivating than you really are. Alas, perception can become reality.

      The first benefit of having hair that is as bright, full and vibrant as you are is regaining the ability to embody radiant confidence.  Self-confidence opens many doors, and brings on opportunities.

            2. Higher Performance

        Research tells us that higher confidence leads to better performance. This is true in sportsacademicsthe workplace and other fields. The bottom line? If you feel good about yourself, you’ll put your best foot forward in all that you do.

        Healthy hair signals to the world your being confident, vital, gifted, authentic and self-expressive.  With a smile on your face (since you are not worrying about thinning hair anymore), you may find that you have somewhat of a magical touch, from the power to nail a new job, or existing projects, to being more confident in relationships, and to attracting more positive people into your life.

              3. You Will be Happier

          Sounds trite, yet research shows that increased confidence makes people happier and helps them better deal with stress.

          Imagine waking up in the morning, and rolling out of the bed with a head of thick, lush and shiny hair. Ah, you relish the extra time you save every morning on hair care. Not a bad way to start the day!

          Riding on this confidence boost, you’ll be able to appreciate the little things that perk you up, while dismissing negative thoughts that might have bogged you down before transforming your hair. This mindset equals more happiness and less stress.

                4. You’ll Get More Done

            Higher self-esteem makes people more productive.

            When full, thicker and youthful hair has you feeling radiant, you might channel that positive energy into accomplishing more. Knowing that your appearance matches your inner strength might inspire you to be more relaxed. You might take action and get more things done.

            Let your sparkling inner self and your lush and healthy hair inspire you to express yourself and to live well.

                  5. You Will be Seen and Celebrated by Others

              When people’s hair improves, their whole outlook follows suit – and people notice. Whether it’s coworkers, family, friends or strangers, people can tell when you look and feel great, and they respond accordingly.  

              When men and women use Mereltä Root Renewal Serum, for example, their healthy, vibrant hair makes them beam. Time and time again, we hear from Mereltä Root Renewal Serum users how surprised they are that so many people notice their hair. People stop them in the grocery store. Strangers in restaurants compliment them. Their hairdressers point out clear hair improvements. Friends and family see them glowing from a mile away.

              One of the great things about being confident? It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once you start feeling more beautiful, energetic and expressive, people notice and voice their support. Those compliments boost your confidence even more, and… well, you get the picture. More of a good thing is better.

              Your Journey to Healthy Hair and Beautiful Confidence

              At Mereltä, we understand that hair speaks volumes. We want you to be seen and appreciated for who you are. We work on the source of hair, the scalp, to keep it healthy and strong, to give your thicker and more vital hair. We developed a weightless, leave-in anti-aging treatment that nourishes the scalp and that gives you unbreakable hair that has volume and shine.

              To learn more about how Mereltä transforms the scalp and hair, check out our Testimonials to see real users’ journeys to thick, shiny hair that reflects their inner confidence and authentic selves.

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