The Transformative Anti-Aging Component Everyone’s Missing

The Transformative Anti-Aging Component Everyone’s Missing

When it comes to anti-aging, it seems we’ve thought of just about everything. From smoothing wrinkles with 3D printing to invigorating the body with freezing-cold cryogenics, people are constantly inventing new ways to look and feel younger.

Yet, for all the time, money and effort people invest in keeping skin youthful, they are forgetting one critical aspect: the scalp. The scalp is the source of hair.

Let’s explore the factors that make scalp care essential to having thicker, healthy hair, and to being young, vital and comfortable in your own skin.  

Scalp Is Skin

While this may sound obvious, people often forget that the scalp is, in fact, skin. When hidden beneath hair, the scalp doesn’t generally receive much thought or attention at all. It might enjoy a bit of a scrub during shampooing, but for most people, that’s about it.

However, skin care is known to be a critical element of general well-being and healthy aging.

Think about the time you spend on your face. Your daily routine probably consists of a cleanser, a moisturizer, perhaps an exfoliator and maybe an eye cream or serum. That’s not to mention the facials, masks, lip exfoliators, spot correctors and other, more intensive treatments that help maintain healthy skin on a less frequent basis.

What’s more, the face is one of the most common anti-aging focuses: 37 percent of U.S. women use anti-aging creams or serums on their face. The most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure is botulinum toxin, popularly known as Botox, which smooths face wrinkles.

Just like the skin on your face, your scalp may accumulate a buildup of oil, dead skin or product residue around the hair follicles. As the scalp clears and regenerates, it becomes more flexible, pliable, and better nourished, promoting better and stronger hair and lifted roots.

And if skin care and anti-aging solutions on the face are so important, why stop where the scalp meets the hairline? It seems that for many people, an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality prevails when it comes to scalp care. However, the scalp isn’t quite as out-of-sight as people like to believe.  

Scalp Is the Source of Hair

Think of your hair as a living, growing plant. The scalp, therefore, would be the soil. Watering and caring for soil is essential to fast and healthy plant growth. By contrast, dry and cracked soil yields slow-growing, struggling plants. It may even prevent potential plants from sprouting.

A well-kept scalp lays a strong foundation for fast, healthy hair growth. Neglected scalps do the opposite.

With this in mind, the scalp isn’t nearly as “unseen” as people believe. Rather, scalp condition plays a significant role in the hair’s appearance. A healthy scalp can be the primary driver of hair volume, shininess, elasticity and length.

Not everybody knows that there is a direct connection between a healthy scalp and healthy hair.  Care for the scalp is just as important to vital, healthy, and shiny hair, as is flossing to healthy teeth, and vitamins to general health and vitality.

Scalp Care Is an Up-and-Coming Industry

While scalp care isn’t as common as face or hair treatments, yet, it is quietly transforming the anti-aging scene. Popular in Japan, head spas are gaining traction in the U.S. as a means of improving hair quality by caring for the scalp (or, as writer Gina Way calls it, the hidden complexion). At-home remedies like scrubbing and brushing techniques, serums and other solutions are also gaining popularity as scalp care’s effects on healthy hair become more apparent.

Cultivate Beautiful Hair from the Source: Your Scalp!

Anyone suffering damaged, thin or thinning hair, rejoice! Rather than accepting this as an inevitable result of stress, inflammation, pollution or age, and rather than addressing it with medical pills and treatments, tackle the issue at its source: the scalp. Applying an anti-aging serum to your scalp is the secret to developing and maintaining luscious and healthier hair with more volume.

Mereltä’s Root Renewal anti-aging scalp treatment uses a patented microalgae extract to reawaken hair by nourishing the scalp. Users rave about their hair’s volume, shine and thickness and love the compliments they receive from their friends and family. Not only that, Mereltä’s Root Renewal Serum fits neatly into a quick daily beauty routine and produces noticeable results quite fast.

The best part?  This is a clean and pure plant-based product that is safe to use and formulated in the US without parabens, sulfates or any other harmful ingredients.  

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