Look Younger and Re-Energized This Spring with These 6 Ideas

Look Younger and Re-Energized This Spring with These 6 Ideas

Spring is here! As we spring forward and shed those winter layers on the outside, why not rejuvenate and lighten how you feel on the inside? Get started with these quick and easy ways to feel more energetic and find your brightness with the re-emerging sun.


  1. Get Your Beauty Rest.

Warm nights and later sunsets can tempt us to stay out late and shirk sleep as the winter thaws. However, beauty sleep isn’t just a saying. Studies show that lack of sleep can make eyes puffier, darken the skin under your eyes, and even create wrinkles. Banish these aging side-effects by sticking to a sleep regimen. You can find out how much sleep the National Sleep Foundation recommends here.

To see the beautifying effects of sleep first-hand, try this trick: Take a picture of yourself when you wake up every morning for a week or two, and record how much you slept the night before. Try to stand in the same spot, use the same lighting and hold off on any makeup or morning routine activities until you take the photo. You might be surprised to see how much younger you look on the mornings you slept more – you might notice less puffiness, better coloration, brighter eyes, and glowing skin.


  1. Get Outside.

Now that it’s warming up, try incorporating some outdoor activity into your routine. If you’re not active already, start with a daily walk around the block. Sunshine helps our bodies create Vitamin D, which is known to improve mood, clear up acne, and help with weight loss.

Second, exercise can actually slow the aging process, keeping you feeling and looking young while boosting energy, skin appearance, and mood.

Note: If you’re above 37 degrees North, you may not reap the benefits of Vitamin D until the summer – check this map to see where you stand.


  1. Load Up on Sunscreen.

With outside weather comes the need for sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Sun damage can wreak havoc on skin and make you appear older than you are. In fact, sun exposure can account for 80-90 percent of visible aging.

To keep your skin looking bright, even-toned, and supple, invest in a daily face moisturizer or foundation with SPF to protect your face. On beach days or extended periods outside, be sure to double-up on a higher-SPF sunscreen and reapply often.

Tip: Don’t forget to apply to your hairline and part – your scalp deserves care too!


  1. Hair Color: Think Light, Bright and Warm.

Most stylists agree that warmer colors tend to make people look younger. Think sunny, bright and fiery – that’s golds, oranges, and reds. Cool tones tend to look more monotone and fall flat by comparison.

Additionally, lighter hair tends to emulate youth. Consider welcoming spring with golden, strawberry, or copper highlights to frame your face.


  1. Get a Trim.

Even if you’re growing your hair out, a trim can do wonders for its vitality. Dried, scraggly ends can leave your hair looking a bit like the scarecrow’s in The Wizard of Oz. Replacing unhealthy hair with freshly cut ends can make your hair look smoother and rejuvenated by comparison.  


  1. Anti-Aging Scalp Treatments to Improve Hair Volume, Health and Shine

Anti-aging solutions for the face are nothing new – so why don’t we care for our scalp the same way?

As it turns out, anti-aging hair and scalp care works wonders. After all, your scalp is the source of healthy hair. A strong scalp care routine can stimulate healthy hair growth, opening the door to healthier, shinier, and more voluminous hair that breathes youth, confidence, and vitality.

Think of your shampoo as the equivalent of your facial cleanser (hopefully, it's not too harsh), and of your hair conditioner as your scalp moisturizer (so to speak). Root Renewal anti-aging serum is the equivalent of your facial anti-aging powerful booster-- for the scalp. It nurtures the scalp to promote youthful, healthy and thicker hair.


Reawaken Your Hair with Root Renewal Serum

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