About Hair: Stories We'll Always Remember

About Hair: Stories We'll Always Remember

The children in my neighborhood play Little League in the spring. Walking by the ballfield today I noticed them at batting practice, donning their protective gear before stepping up to the batting box. They were so eager, so fun to watch.

I remember how much my son loved playing. How every time he put on one of the shared batting helmets I cringed. We discovered those helmets were a source of the head lice epidemic that hit our schools one year.

Eek! Headlice! Equal opportunity intruders! They happen in any home, in any neighborhood, and parents are not immune. School age children are particularly good at spreading them with their sharing of clothes and sleepovers. Cuddle your kids or lean on their pillows to read with them and chances are that you too become a home for these blood-sucking invaders.

Dealing with these arachnids is time consuming and tedious. Furniture, bedding and clothing must be carefully cleaned, and everyone’s hair must be meticulously searched to allow removal of adults and nits, then a special shampoo used to poison any remains. Our son’s dark, thick curly locks made the search long and difficult.  Once completed, I asked my husband to check my hair.

Barely five minutes later he was done. Surely, he was too cursory. Not so he protested; it was easy to spot them in my hair because it had thinned so. What does it say that I was more upset that my thinning hair was so obvious than the fact that I had lice?

And that I remember this as if it were last week rather than 25 years ago? Thank goodness that after using Merelta Root Renewal serum, if my husband had to search my hair today it would take at least 15 minutes.

Do you have an emotional hair story that you will always remember?

Blog Contributor: Marti


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