Why Scalp Care Is the Secret to Thicker Hair

Root Renewal serum is the solution for women's hair loss and hair thinning

How often do you wash your face?

Most people would say once or twice a day.

Okay, now how often do you devote time to scalp care?


The truth is, the scalp often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to self-care. However, the scalp is composed of skin, just like the face, hands and feet that we care for regularly. What’s more, a healthy scalp helps nourish healthy hair – and, unfortunately, the opposite also holds true. But, why?

The Scalp Is the Source of Hair

If you’ve done any gardening, you know that nurturing your soil is critical to growing healthy plants. Rich, well-watered soil will nourish plants and help them grow. Dry, cracked soil will do just the opposite, yielding weak growth or preventing any growth at all.

Hair’s relationship with the scalp is similar. With the right nourishment, a healthy, supple scalp creates the foundation for strong, healthy hair growth.

By contrast, when people neglect scalp care, they miss these benefits and may experience limp, thinning and fragile hair. Poor scalp condition can even lead to hair loss.

So, what are the specific benefits of paying special attention to your scalp?

 A Healthy Scalp Yields Thicker, More Voluminous Hair

When your scalp is well cared-for, it can support better hair growth. That includes shinier, thicker hair with more volume, bounce and body. Healthy scalps can also contribute to improved hair texture, higher hair density and increased comfort. Many times, the scalp will not signal the fact that it is inflamed or tense. One does not even know that these conditions -- which are due to aging of scalp, or chemicals-- are even present.

When people have hair they love, they exude confidence, which contributes to overall happiness, productivity and well-being.

The Scalp Care Movement

As we begin to realize the near-magical powers of scalp care, it’s starting to receive more attention in people’s beauty regimens. One easy way to show your scalp some love, for example, is to spend time massaging it while shampooing. This mini-massage prevents clogged pores, clarifies the skin and increases blood flow to the area. Some spas are now entirely devoted to scalp care, thanks to the head spa trend that started in Japan.

And scalp care options don’t stop there.

Anti-aging hair and scalp solutions are taking the spotlight as health and beauty industries begin to develop effective methods for keeping scalp and hair feeling young, vibrant and luscious.

Anti-Aging Hair Solutions

The bottom line? Yes, it’s possible to get your hair looking and feeling younger, more voluminous and super shiny. All. The. Time. And despite the slew of chemical-filled products out there, anti-aging hair and scalp solutions don’t have to be risky leaps of faith.

Here at Mereltä, we saw the need for honest, plant-based solutions for anti-aging hair and scalp care so we went straight to Mother Earth. We discovered and patented a unique algae extract that nourishes the scalp for beautiful, thick, and youthful hair.

Mereltä’s Root Renewal Serum is plant-based, and while it’s low-risk, its results are anything but low-reward. After using our weightless serum every day for just a couple of weeks, many users began to see signs for hair that was fuller, thicker, and shinier. Full results take longer, as hair wellness journeys take time, but one gets to see signals of hair recovery relatively quickly.

Keeping in mind that results vary, and that everyone has different hair needs and issues, here's a visual “map” based on many consumers' experience with Root Renewal, to let you know what to expect in terms of hair progress in the first 15 days,  20,  30 and 60 days. 


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