Get a Hair Transplant or Buy a House?

Get a Hair Transplant or Buy a House?

The dilemma of the day: invest in a hair transplant or invest in a new house? Click to hear how Shawn made that choice.

When it matters to you to look your best, and when you care to show up authentically, in your power, this question is worth pondering.

We hear from our consumers that getting thicker, luscious and healthy hair is one transformation that makes them energized and happy. Our Mereltä team has a sharp focus on simplifying the path to improved hair health.

Since hair changes take some time, we’ve created a subscription service for our scalp treatment, Root Renewal serum to help our consumers get continuity and ease of use to experience fuller and more shimmering hair they so desired.

As a subscriber, you always enjoy 10% OFF the regular price, and you always have free shipping on your order. As a busy person, you make sure that you never run out of the product. The options to subscribe are 4, 6, 8 weeks.

And, yes, absolutely you can cancel online, easily, any time. We send you a reminder so you know when your subscription renews.

Hair changes take some time. Root Renewal serum is a plant-based cosmetic product, NOT a drug, and it is not a one-time fix. Using regularly for 90 days and then 1-3 times a week is the key to promoting thicker and healthier hair.

“Mereltä’s new scalp treatment, Root Renewal serum, is efficient in reducing shedding and restoring thicker and healthier hair. This algae-based treatment safely increases aesthetic hair density, hair strength and shine,” said Joseph Greco, Ph.D., President, Greco Hair Restoration Medical Group.

Remember the Mantra: "I Need Scalp Care For Better Hair!" The scalp is the source of hair.

Subscribe today and enjoy a spectacular, luscious, thick and healthy hair this summer!

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