The Science Behind Stress-Related Hair Loss

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If you are under a lot of stress, you may experience physical symptoms like an upset stomach or trouble concentrating. Another physical symptom of stress is hair loss.

Losing your hair due to stress can be embarrassing and frustrating. It can even cause more stress and with it, more hair loss! Fortunately, there is hope! Stress-related hair loss can improve. In this article, we’ll break down exactly what causes hair loss from stress and how to overcome it.


Stress Related Hair Loss: What Happens

Why does stress make your hair fall out?

When you’re anxious, your body goes into what’s commonly called “fight or flight response.” Basically, “fight or flight response” is when your body creates a lot of extra hormones to help you deal with a potential threat.

These hormones can have a lot of negative side effects, including affecting hair growth or making you feel more anxious.

Typically, we see stress-related hair loss in the following three separate conditions:

  • Telogen effluvium: Telogen effluvium is a disruption to your natural hair growth patterns. This condition happens when your body tells your hair to grow in different types of ways. The type of stress that causes “fight or flight response” can trigger telogen effluvium.
  • Trichotillomania: Trichotillomania is a condition where you pull out the hairs on your head (or around your body), often without realizing it. For some people, this condition can be a coping mechanism for stress and the hormones caused by “fight or flight response”
  • Alopecia Areata: Alopecia aerate is an autoimmune condition that results in patchy hair loss. It is caused by inflammation and can be exacerbated by stress.



How to Treat Hair Loss From Stress

There are several different treatments for stress-related hair loss depending on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing and the severity of the problem.

One of the best ways to treat stress-related hair loss is by caring for your scalp. Like your hair, your scalp experiences many adverse effects from stress, which can trigger inflammation and damage the hair follicle inside your scalp.

If you can improve your scalp’s health, you can improve your hair’s health. Let’s look at an example of how a scalp treatment helped hair regeneration.






Hair Loss From Stress: A Hair Regeneration Success Story



Rosemary Tessier, a retail buyer, mother, and wife, loved her long blond hair, which she considered to be her “signature.”

One day, her hairdresser mentioned that she was losing a lot of hair.

Anxious, and on her hairdresser’s recommendation, Rosemary went to the doctor and underwent a number of different tests. All of them came back fine, which told Rosemary that her hair loss may be related to stress. Rosemary experienced a lot of stress in her daily life: her husband traveled a lot for work, so it fell on Rosemary to manage the household (and her own career).

Even though Rosemary suspected that stress was the cause of her hair loss, she wasn’t sure how to treat it. As weeks went by, Rosemary lost more and more hair. Her hair was receding at the temples and hairline. She no longer had enough hair to put up into a bun. For awhile, Rosemary thought she would just have to accept her hair loss… that is until she found Mereltä.

When Rosemary was first introduced to Mereltä, she learned that it was an anti-aging product for the scalp that promoted hair growth. That made a lot of sense to her.

We spend so much time worrying about the skin on our face and on other parts of our body. Of course we should spend time caring about our scalp, which is skin, too.”  Rosemary

Mereltä’s scientifically formulated, plant-based Root Renewal serum promotes thicker, younger looking hair that has better texture, shine, and softness. Mereltä's Root Renewal serum goes right to the source of the hair: the scalp. 

Just as oxidative stress can damage the skin on the rest of your body, it can damage the skin on your scalp, too. This damage may cause irritation and inflammation that prevents your hair from growing by hurting the hair follicle before it even emerges from your scalp. That causes hair loss and premature baldness.

Fortunately, Root Renewal serum, which is formulated from special micro-algae not found in any other hair or skin products, works to rejuvenate your scalp. This gentle and safe formula helps clear out the debris that builds up on your scalp, and it moisturizes and balances your scalp so that your hair can grow freely and healthily.

This was Rosemary’s experience. Within a few weeks of using Mereltä, she was shocked to see thicker, fuller hair when she looked in the mirror.

She started to get compliments at the grocery store, when total strangers stopped her to comment on her beautiful hair and ask for her secret. For Rosemary, who only weeks earlier had thought she was going bald, this transformation did wonders for her mental health and sense of self. 

I can’t imagine not using Mereltä. I don’t ever want to be without it. It’s like a miracle. It’s made me confident.” Rosemary

After four months of using Mereltä, Rosemary’s relationship with the mirror has totally transformed. Before using Root Renewal serum, Rosemary hated looking in the mirror. Every time she did, she worried about the receding she was seeing. Rosemary could barely even brush her hair without getting more stressed about how much hair she was losing.

Now, Rosemary sees in the mirror the self that existed before she experienced such drastic hair loss. She feels confident in her own skin again.



Stress Related Hair Loss: Final Thoughts

While hair loss from stress can be scary, there is hope. With proper care, you can restore your hair and make it look strong and healthy again.

Mereltä’s Root Renewal serum helps promote hair growth by addressing hair loss where it starts: in the scalp. This scalp treatment is formulated scientifically to nourish and nurture your scalp, supporting your hair to look and feel fabulous.


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