How Do You Prevent Scalp Psoriasis?

Checking your scalp for scalp psoriasis

If you have been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis, there are plenty of treatments on the market to help affected areas and prevent further symptoms. Mereltä’s Root Renewal serum can soothe symptoms affecting the surface of your scalp, including itchiness and inflammation. Studies have shown that continuous use of Mereltä’s serum on affected areas resulted in significant reduction in symptoms while showing no side effects. There is no cure for scalp psoriasis yet, but Mereltä’s treatment works to protect and nourish the affected areas. Treating scalp psoriasis is crucial to preventing further flare-ups and avoiding serious symptoms that could affect both your skin and overall health.

Scalp Psoriasis Prevention Using Mereltä

A recent study noted in a peer-reviewed publication on a scientific dermatology conference determined that patients with moderate to severe scalp psoriasis who used Mereltä all saw significant reductions in their affected areas. The cooling sensation also help to immediately soothe and treat the areas, relieving some of the itchiness that was resulting from the flaky patches of skin on their scalp. Because Mereltä’s product is designed as an anti-aging hair loss treatment, it promotes healthy hair growth in patients with scalp psoriasis, adding further benefit to the treatment.

How Mereltä Treats Hair Loss

In order for a plant to grow stronger and healthier, it needs nutrient rich soil. Similarly, your scalp requires proper nourishment to promote hair growth and avoid further hair loss. Mereltä’s serum works at the root of the problem: your scalp. It is dermatologist tested and proven to not only reduce hair loss but also promote healthier, stronger, shinier hair than you have ever had before.

The serum uses and natural microalgae extract formulated right in the United States under controlled conditions, using green processes. Unlike other hair loss treatments, it does not contain any chemicals that may cause further damage or hair loss on your scalp. Not all patients have the same scalp and skin, so Mereltä uses natural, plant-based ingredients that do not cause harm. Instead, it restores the natural balance and overall health to your scalp. After all, hair cannot grow without nourishment.

Is Mereltä’s Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Right for Me?

Treatments for scalp psoriasis can be both costly and difficult to obtain, and they may cause further hair loss. Mereltä’s product is an easily accessible and immediate remedy to your symptoms, making it great for anyone looking for renewed hair growth and a nourished scalp. The best part is that you can use the treatment right in the comfort of your own home. Scalp psoriasis takes enough time away from your life. Mereltä can help treat the symptoms so you can go back to a happier lifestyle without worrying about itchiness, inflammation, or even bleeding due to your symptoms. You can return to being fully present in your life, while Mereltä’s serum works to reduce the affected areas.

Scalp psoriasis treatments are all different and so are the patients affected by it. But, Mereltä’s serum contains natural, plant-based ingredients that are free from any chemicals that may cause further damage to your scalp. Its formula is free of sulfates and parabens, making it the perfect treatment for anyone suffering from scalp psoriasis. 


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