Am I Prone to Getting Scalp Psoriasis?

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If you have a family history of psoriasis, you have likely asked yourself, “Am I prone to getting scalp psoriasis?”. Because it is an autoimmune disease, your body may have inherited psoriasis in your family’s medical history that could flare up during your lifetime.

Luckily, studies have shown that Mereltä’s Root Renewal serum can be used to treat scalp psoriasis. In addition to its other scalp and hair benefits, its natural formula is designed to nourish the scalp. The plant-based ingredients promote hair follicles that are stronger, shinier, and healthier. Instead of using it only as a hair loss or anti-aging treatment, you can also use it to treat flaky patches of skin even before your diagnosis.

How Scalp Psoriasis Is Diagnosed

To check for scalp psoriasis, a dermatologist will examine your scalp. If you have not yet been diagnosed with psoriasis, they may also check your skin and nails for signs of redness, flaky patches, or swelling. During the appointment, they will ask you about any joint problems or itchiness that you are experiencing. If you are experiencing itchiness or inflammation on your scalp, Mereltä’s serum can be immediately used for fast-action relief. It is designed to soothe the scalp while promoting the growth of new, healthy hair follicles to repair the damage left behind by your scalp psoriasis.

How Common is Scalp Psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis is a common autoimmune disorder that leaves red, itchy, and flaky patches of skin on your scalp. Approximately 45-56% of people with psoriasis have scalp psoriasis.

In addition, 125 million people worldwide are living with psoriasis, including more than 8 million Americans. While there is no cure yet for the autoimmune disease, there are plenty of treatments available. Mereltä’s Root Renewal serum uses special microalgae to soothe symptoms while repairing hair and scalp damage in mild to moderate cases. One study showed that patients with scalp psoriasis who used Mereltä did not experience any side effects throughout their continuous use.

Risk Factors of Having Scalp Psoriasis

If left untreated, scalp psoriasis can cause serious damage to your skin and overall health. Symptoms of psoriasis include dry and cracked skin that can become inflamed or even bleed. Those with scalp psoriasis could suffer hair loss due to the affected patches of skin on their scalp. In addition, some patients suffering from psoriasis also experienced joint pain, swelling, and arthritis.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of scalp psoriasis, Mereltä’s serum works as a viable treatment to avoid dramatic hair loss due to the condition. Mereltä is an easily accessible treatment that will show significant results for those suffering from scalp psoriasis.

Mereltä’s Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

A peer-reviewed publication on a scientific dermatology conference established that a significant reduction in scaly patches of skin for patients that used Mereltä’s serum. The cooling sensation of Mereltä also helped soothe immediate itchiness and inflammation, resulting in less itching and rubbing that could cause hair loss. During the study, 0% of patients experienced side effects throughout the continuous use of the product.

Those who have experienced hair loss due to scalp psoriasis will benefit from Mereltä’s Root Renewal serum. It can treat areas of the scalp through a moisturizing formula to promote healthy hair growth. The cooling sensation will relax itchiness and inflammation while it works to remedy your affected areas.  

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