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What is Scalp Psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis in a non-contagious skin disorder that causes inflamed, scaly patches to appear on your scalp and behind the ears. When flared up, it can cause irritable itching, burning, swelling, and even bleeding.


In 2010, 7.2 million U.S. citizens had scalp psoriasis. Globally, 2-3% of the total population has scalp psoriasis.


A few different genetic traits or lifestyles can make some people more prone to scalp psoriasis than others. High stress levels can cause scalp psoriasis to flare up. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and other drugs can also cause scalp psoriasis symptoms. One study in 2013 noted that hormonal changes in women at puberty could trigger their psoriasis.


Mereltä’s root renewal serum is an effective way of treating scalp psoriasis through its plant-based formula. Microalgae, the main ingredient in Mereltä’s serum, helped nourish the scalp while healing the inflamed patches of skin caused by psoriasis. It not only treats the symptoms of scalp psoriasis but also promotes the healthy growth of hair follicles to renew hair loss due to the skin disorder.


Is Scalp Psoriasis Curable?

Scalp psoriasis is caused by overactive immune system cell growth. During a normal skin cell cycle, skin cells on the scalp shed in around a 28-day cycle. However, that process is sped up with scalp psoriasis, causing them to shed within two to five days.


While this autoimmune disorder is not contagious, studies suggest that those with a family history of psoriasis may develop it during their lifetime. Allergies, alcohol and drugs, pre-existing illnesses, and even obesity can also cause or trigger scalp psoriasis.


In a recent study, Mereltä’s main ingredient, microalgae, was proven to be an effective treatment on mild to moderate scalp psoriasis. Those who treated scalp psoriasis with Mereltä’s serum saw significant results over 14 days, with the scalp showing improvement within days of the first day of application. 


Understanding the Science Behind Scalp Psoriasis

To understand the science behind scalp psoriasis, you must first understand what keratinocytes and T cells are in your body, and how they impact your immune system. Keratinocytes are cells found in the outermost layer of the skin. T cells are the part of your immune system that helps protect against foreign particles.


When the immune system sends the wrong messages to skin cells in the body, scalp psoriasis forms as a result of the cells multiplying too fast. Because the cells grow too quickly, the result is scaly, irritated red patches that form on the surface of the skin. If left untreated, the problem could persist and grow, causing irritation, bleeding, and even hair loss from incessant scratching and touching the inflamed scalp.


Treatments for Scalp Psoriasis

While there is no current cure for scalp psoriasis, there are plenty of treatments that can be used to protect against it. Through continuous use of treatments that work to help your scalp psoriasis, you will be able to maintain a happier and healthier scalp, soothing and treating the skin to also promote healthy hair growth.


However, harsh treatments can also cause even more hair loss. Common scalp psoriasis treatments, such as salicylic acid and coal tar may contain side effects that you are unaware of. Other treatments, such as steroid injections, may be too costly for continuous use.


By using Mereltä’s serum, you will avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your scalp that may cause more harm than good for your scalp psoriasis. A recent study conducted on Mereltä’s treatment of scalp psoriasis showed significant improvements in each patient, while none of them experienced any side effects from use of the product.


How Mereltä Treats Scalp Psoriasis

Mereltä has more benefits than just treating hair loss due to scalp psoriasis, or other hair loss conditions. It is an algae-based serum that can be used to create thicker hair while also promoting the healthy growth of hair follicles. But, for scalp psoriasis, the benefits can be much greater.


A study at University of Miami uncovered that Mereltä products can also be used as a treatment for scalp psoriasis. Not only is it an easy-to-access treatment, but it is also highly affective at both protecting against further hair loss from scalp psoriasis and treating it.

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