Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

The dilemma of the day: invest in a hair transplant or invest in a new house? Click to hear how Shawn made that choice.

Not to give the plot away, but now he has gorgeous hair (and not a transplant) and the house of his dreams.

If it matters to you to look your best, and if you care to show up authentically, in your power, this question is worth pondering.

Hair thinning or hair loss may make you feel less than your true self. There is a lot of energy that goes into hiding, or into seeking and trying new solutions.So it's great relief not to worry about hair thinning or hair loss anymore. Even better-- it's great to embrace what nature offers to connect with your (hair) roots, and improve hair, mind and body. Because thinning hair does play a number on our emotions and mind, doesn't it?


We hear from our consumers that getting thicker, luscious and healthy hair is one transformation that makes them energized and happy. Our Mereltä team has a sharp focus on simplifying the path to improved hair health.

Remember the Mantra: "I Need Scalp Care For Better Hair!" The scalp is the source of hair.


NB: Root Renewal Serum is formulated to help men with thinning hair get thicker and healthier hair from the root. It is not formulated for men who are bald, balding, or diagnosed with alopecia androgenetica.

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