Married mother of four, Andrea, works full time, takes care of everyone in the family, is present to all her kids’ games, and to her family’s and friends’ celebrations— she lives her dream. One day, as she rushes by to accomplish all on her list, from the corner of her eye, in the mirror, she catches the image of an exhausted woman. 

The woman’s hair is tired and drab, and her face is tense and focused. Andrea slows down the accelerated pace, and turns around to look at herself again. Whose face is that? Whose hair is that?  Can that be her? Could she have forgotten herself so much? 
A moment of reawakening follows. Sorrow and compassion melt into her heart. She knows that others need her. She needs herself, too. 
Will she start putting herself first, for once, so that she can give her best, most authentic self to others? Could the transformation start on the outside and spark something on the inside? Could better, thicker, and healthier hair ignite the transformation that reflects her true self: vital, energized, beautiful and shiny?  
A deep understanding of how she wants to live her life takes hold. She starts realizing how important is to think of herself, and to appreciate herself in small and bigger ways. This is true leadership of the heart. She models a beautiful example for her four kids. Family and friends notice the glow, the smile, the reawakened inner and outer beauty.
But it’s not just the one moment of epiphany that changed her. Andrea lives her best life by choosing what is right for her every day. Again and again. 

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