What to Do After Being Diagnosed with Scalp Psoriasis

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If you have recently been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis, your immediate next step should be seeking out the best treatment. Mereltä’s plant-based serum uses special microalgae to directly target and treat and reduce symptoms while promoting an overall healthier scalp. Without proper treatment, your scalp psoriasis could cause serious symptoms including bleeding, swelling, and even joint pain and arthritis. By immediately seeking treatment, you are providing your scalp with the best chance at avoiding permanent damage while soothing the symptoms that you already have. Here is what to do after being diagnosed with scalp psoriasis.

Immediately Begin Mereltä’s Treatment

While there is no cure for scalp psoriasis, Mereltä’s treatment has been shown to effectively treat the scalp and prevent further damage. The dermatologist-tested formula also promotes healthy hair growth and prevents further hair loss. Other treatments for scalp psoriasis require appointments, high costs, and even prescriptions. Mereltä provides an easy way to receive immediate treatment while avoiding the use of any harsh chemicals that could cause further damage or side effects to your health. It uses natural products that work fast to relieve symptoms.

If you are suffering from an itchy and inflamed scalp due to psoriasis, immediately begin Mereltä’s treatment, using the serum once daily for the first three months, then 1-3 times a week for maintenance between flare-ups in your psoriasis. When you are experiencing more scalp psoriasis symptoms, return to using once daily. The special microalgae in the formula work fast to relieve the symptoms and promote long-term health.

Hair Loss from Scalp Psoriasis

Flaky patches of skin that form due to scalp psoriasis cause itching, bleeding, and even swelling. Scalp inflammation results in worsening symptoms because of your need for fast relief through scratching and rubbing the affected areas. This could result in serious hair loss.

While Mereltä has been studied to treat scalp psoriasis, it was first designed as an anti-aging hair loss treatment. The serum works to moisturize the scalp, soothing and nourishing the areas where your skin has been affected by flaky patches of scalp psoriasis. Treating scalp psoriasis is the biggest step in avoiding hair loss. The more nourished and soothed your scalp feels, the less itching or scratching you will do to relieve the symptoms of your psoriasis. 

Stress is also another major factor in hair loss. If you are using Mereltä, you will experience its cooling sensation that adds an immediate calm feeling to your scalp. Then, you will not have to stress about your psoriasis or your hair loss. Mereltä will work to reverse the damage and promote the healthy growth of hair follicles for stronger, beautiful hair.

Directions for Using the Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

For the typical use of Mereltä’s product, use this serum one daily for the first 3 months, then 1-3 times a week for maintenance. You can adjust the amount of times you use it to find out what works best for you. Because of Mereltä’s natural ingredients, you will not have to worry about the harsh chemicals found in other topical treatments. Patients who used Mereltä to treat scalp psoriasis did not experience any side effects from continuous use of the product.

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