Who Should Use Mereltä?

Mereltä Root Renewal Serum

Mereltä is a plant-based, weightless serum that works as both an anti-aging treatment and a renewal formula for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. It is scientifically formulated using special microalgae that soothe the scalp to promote natural hair growth. As a treatment, it can help soothe scalp inflammation, scalp psoriasis, and other symptoms that commonly result in hair loss.

Mereltä should be used by anyone whose scalp symptoms are resulting in hair loss, whether that is from an aging scalp or a more serious condition such as scalp psoriasis.

How Mereltä’s Serum Works

Mereltä’s plant-based serum is derived from a special microalgae that moisturizes the scalp, leaving a cooling sensation that stops any itching or burning. Because of its natural ingredients, it is scientifically designed to be free of harsh chemicals that may add to your hair loss or scalp symptoms.


Similar to the way rich soil helps plants grow, Mereltä works at the root of the source: your scalp. Its formula moisturizes the scalp to promote the nourishment of healthy, natural hair follicles.

People Suffering from Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair loss, Mereltä’s Root Renewal serum has been proven to promote natural hair growth. Unlike other hair growth products, Mereltä’s serum uses natural ingredients that work on any scalp. Other products may contain chemicals harsh to some scalps. This can lead to even further hair loss through the chemicals being in close contact with your skin.

Not all products are a one-size-fits-all solution to hair loss. Some products are specifically designed to relieve hair loss due to itching or dandruff, while others, with different formulas, treat causes such as scalp psoriasis or inflammation. Because Mereltä is a plant-based formula, it works to help, not harm, hair loss from any causes. Mereltä’s special microalgae leave a cooling sensation that not only nourishes but also relieves itching, burning, and other inflammation.

People Suffering from Scalp Inflammation

If you are suffering from scalp inflammation that has not been diagnosed, Mereltä’s serum can provide relief and prevent any resulting hair loss. Scalp inflammation can come from a variety of sources including sunburn, hormonal changes, allergies, or even harsh chemicals from the use of other products on your scalp. The best way to soothe scalp inflammation quickly is through continuous use of a soothing product that works through a cooling sensation, similar to how aloe feels on a sunburn. Also, Mereltä’s serum is scientifically designed to prevent hair loss and even promote the growth of new hair follicles. Its formula is a healthy and safe way to provide fast-acting relief to your scalp inflammation.   

People Suffering from Scalp Psoriasis

If you have symptoms resulting from scalp psoriasis, Mereltä works as a soothing treatment to ease the itchiness caused by flaky patches on your scalp. One study shows that people with scalp psoriasis who used Mereltä not only saw a significant reduction in their symptoms but also experienced zero side effects from its continuous use. Because of Mereltä’s plant-based formula, it is great for people with all different types of hair and scalps that are looking for a solution. It is free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens, and it is easily accessible through Mereltä’s online store.



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